How to install the App

To install the App, you simply need to go to https://www.webyze.com/HeatMap/, type your store URL and the App will get installed upon confirmation. Your Shopify themes will automatically get updated so that the Swatches App works properly. You have to approve the monthly $17 USD charge.
No programming or coding skills are necessary to install or to use the App.

How to use the App

The App is straight forward and very easy to use, when you open the App, your store is displayed with a heat map overlay that visually shows you where your customers click.

You can navigate through your store and visualize clicks on each of your pages. By activating the "Group data of similar pages" option, when you visit a product page, all clicks from all product pages will be shown at the same time to give you are general view of product pages. The same logic applies to other sections of your store.

You can display you store in three device modes Desktop, Tablet & Mobile phone. By using the tablet mode for example, you will be able to visualize only clicks made on tablet devices.

The App also has an option letting you set the Theme type of your store. You can set this option by clicking on the "" icon. There are two possible theme types: Responsive & Fixed-Width. Responsive themes are themes that automatically adapt to the screen size and content fills all the width of the screen whereas fixed-width themes are themes that do not adapt to the screen size.

Feedback & Support

Feel free to leave a review for our App on the Shopify App Store. You can give us feedback and contact us at: contactuser@domainwebyze.extcom