Thank You Coupon


How it works

The "Thank You Coupon" Shopify App lets you add a Popup Coupon Code to your store on the Thank You page after a customer have completed a purchase. This can help you increase your customer retention and build a more loyal customer base.
The App has powerful options letting you customize the popup. You can choose from different themes and customize the popup by choosing it title, text and type the coupon code. The App also has the option of showing up only for orders with a minimal total price.

The App has a 4 days free trial period. You can test it and see if it fits your needs.


A demo of a Thank You page is available at the following URL:

The demo store is available at:

Getting Started

First, you need to install the app on your Shopify Store and enter the the App's Admin Panel. In the Admin Panel, you can adjust the popup settings such as the popup theme, texts and the coupon code.

Feedback & Support

Feel free to leave a review for our App on the Shopify App Store. You can give us feedback and contact us at: contactuser@domainwebyze.extcom